In-Memory Computing Essentials for Software Engineers (Boston)

Join Boston JUG on February 18th to be introduced to the fundamental capabilities of in-memory computing platforms that are proven to boost application performance and solve scalability problems by storing and processing massive data sets in RAM and on disk.

The workshop is tailored for Java experts who thirst for practical experience with in-memory computing technologies. You’ll be given an overview of in-memory concepts such as caches, databases, and data grids combined with a technical deep-dive of the following topics (the deep-dive is based on Apache Ignite - open-source in-memory computing platform):

  • Distributed in-memory cluster deployment strategies.
  • How data partitioning and replication works in a nutshell.
  • APIs for data access - key-value, SQL and compute APIs.
  • Affinity collocation tips and tricks.
  • Making your cluster durable - persistence and other forms of reliability.

We also plan networking, pizza and book raffle. 

How to find us: Microsoft technology center in Burlington, Massachusetts  (5 Wayside Rd, Burlington, MA 01803)

Denis Magda
GridGain Vice President of Product Management and Apache Ignite committer and PMC member
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