Enabling Java for low-latency use cases at unlimited scale (Bay Area)

This time we are gathering together with Silicon Valley Java Performance group to discuss how in-memory computing combined with a Java Virtual Machine results in a Java-powered solution that enables consistent low millisecond response times at an unlimited scale.

The session is to be led by Gil Tene, Azul Systems CTO, Java RockStar and Java Champion, who will cover JVM aspects of the solution. Denis Magda, Apache Ignite PMC member and GridGain Head of DevRel, will join Gil to explain how the solution scales horizontally across all the available memory space.

5:30-6:00: Arriving and socializing (come early for best pizza selection!)
6:00-7:20: Talk
7:20-8:00: Raffle and Q&A

Here's a full abstract of what to be covered, followed by an interactive Q&A:

Even though Java applications dominate enterprise deployments, there is one area that is hard to conquer with a standard Java software stack. The area is represented by low-latency use cases that impose strict and non-negotiable rules obligating a selected software stack to process thousands of operations per second within sub-millisecond or microseconds boundaries for high percentiles. Think of credit authorization, processing, telecom as of typical examples of such applications.

The standard Java software stack usually fails due to the nature of default garbage collectors that can initiate a stop-the-world pause at any moment in time breaking low-latency requirements and making the behavior of the whole system unpredictable and uncontrollable.

In this session, we're going to explore how Azul Zing combined with Apache Ignite enables Java for low-latency applications. The latter eliminates stop-the-world the Java runtime fully predictable and reliable while the former boosts the performance by storing and processing data in RAM a scalable fashion.

How to find us:

Azul Systems Cafeteria

385 Moffett Park Drive, Suite 115 · Sunnyvale

Denis Magda
GridGain Vice President of Product Management and Apache Ignite committer and PMC member
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