GridGain Nebula
cloud-native in-memory computing platform
HydraDragon (coming in 2022) Services & Operations Core Platform
GridGain Nebula
cloud-native in-memory computing platform

Experience the ultimate cloud-native service for Apache Ignite

Extreme speed and scale for digital transformation solutions

GridGain helps at each step of your journey


Horizontally Scalable In-Memory Caching Layer


Distributed Database for Hybrid Transactional / Analytical Processing


Digital Integration Hub

Choose which type of deployment is best for you

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GridGain Nebula, cloud-native fully-managed service

Focus on building high-performance and scalable apps without without losing time on the operational details. GridGain’s Nebula team has supported thousands of Ignite applications running on millions of nodes managing petabytes of data in production.

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Run our enterprise-grade software yourself

Run our software on-premises or in your private cloud environments. Operate securely at global scale with zero downtime and have the world's leading Ignite experts support you in development and production.

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Become a certified expert in designing and developing scalable Apache Ignite and GridGain applications that perform with in-memory speed.

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