Ultimate Performance and Scale for Any Java, .Net or C++ Application

The GridGain® in-memory computing platform improves SaaS applications running in any public, private or hybrid cloud environment. It provides SaaS enablement with in-memory speed and massive scalability for any Java, .Net or C++ application including mission-critical workloads. GridGain can help whether you are:

  • A born-in-the-cloud SaaS provider determined to accelerate time to market for your next hyperscale application
  • An ISV looking to add “as a service” capabilities to your existing software solutions
  • An enterprise delivering internal, on-premises software as a service to your growing user base

Chances are you will be concerned about how to:

  • Quickly and seamlessly add users to your services
  • Meet or exceed your most aggressive SLA’s
  • Improve application performance by orders of magnitude
  • Seamlessly scale up or scale out on cost-effective commodity hardware
  • Provide secure, multi-tenant access to your data

All while minimizing the amount of rework to the application code and databases you are already invested in.

SaaS Enablement with GridGain

GridGain provides a unique set of capabilities for SaaS enablement which allow you to migrate legacy software or build brand new cloud applications for a SaaS world that delivers highest performance, including for mission-critical or real-time applications, and ultimate scalability:

  • Highly distributed architecture designed from the ground up for in-memory processing and/or storing of data, enabling any application to rapidly scale up and support dramatic increases in number of users and/or transactions being handled
  • 100x higher throughput and/or lower latencies for high-performance applications with native support for structured, semi-structured or unstructured data sources, avoiding risky and costly rip-and-replace of existing RDBMS, NoSQL or Hadoop infrastructures, and allowing to freely cross-query between these data sets using standard SQL syntax
  • Built-in security and multi-tenancy which ensures that multiple tenants or applications can run independently and highly securely on the GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric while efficiently sharing precious high-performance resources
  • Extensive cross-platform support for C++, Java, Scala, .NET and REST, ensuring that the vast majority of your new or existing applications can be easily SaaS-enabled with minimal amount of work.

PaaS for SaaS Providers

Are you planning to run your high-performance SaaS business in your own cloud infrastructure, or looking for ways to optimize performance and reach of your SaaS offerings on the infrastructure of your cloud provider of choice? Or are you a cloud provider looking to include PaaS capabilities that allow your customers to rapidly migrate or build their high-performance, hyperscale SaaS offerings to your platform? And do you need an easy, flexible and virtually unlimited way to scale different types of analytical, transactional or hybrid applications in a multi-tenant environment? The GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform is a proven software solution, which delivers unprecedented speed and unlimited scale to accelerate your SaaS business and enables high-performance transactions, real-time streaming and fast analytics in a single, comprehensive data access and processing layer.

SaaS for the Real-Time Enterprise

Are you looking to transform your IT organization into a service provider for your enterprise, creating the ability to rapidly and flexibly deliver internal software as a service to your lines of business? The GridGain in-memory computing platform offers a strategic approach to in-memory computing that delivers performance, scale and comprehensive capabilities far above and beyond traditional disk-based or even in-memory-enhanced databases, data grids or other in-memory-based point solutions. It offers a secure, highly available and manageable data environment that allows companies large and small to process full ACID transactions and generate valuable insights from real-time, interactive and batch queries.

To learn how in-memory computing can help your organization develop high performance and highly scalable SaaS projects, watch this webinar on demand: "Boost Software and Software-as-a-Service with In-Memory Computing."