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Snapshots Management

Essentially, snapshots utility in GridGain is used from command line only. GridGain Web Console provides means to create, schedule and maintain data snapshots of the cluster, using a graphical interface.

Using both the Web Console and the Snapshots Management Tool, you can work with snapshots from command line as well as UI.

Snapshots Management

To use snapshots feature from the Web Console, go to the Snapshots tab of the tool:

snapshotsui 1

If there are no snapshots created for the cluster, you will get a screen like the one above.

Click the Create Incremental Snapshot drop-down list to create your first full or incremental snapshot:

snapshotsui 2

Once the snapshot is created, you can recover from it, move it to a desired location or delete completely. To do that, select a snapshot and go to the Actions menu under the available snapshots section.

Snapshots Scheduling

In addition to the basic operations, Web Console lets you create a schedule to create, move, or delete a snapshot.

For instance, the scheduler is perfect if you want to create full snapshots daily with incremental snapshots every 30 minutes. To accomplish this task, click on Set Schedule button and fill in the parameters as below:

snapshotsui 3

Once the operation is scheduled it will appear in the schedules section of the screen:

snapshotsui 4

Point-In-Time Recovery

If you enabled Point-in-Time Recovery in your cluster, you can restore the state of the cluster to a point in time. To do that, click the Restore to Time option in the Action drop-down list.

snapshotsui 5

Then select the exact time in the dialog that appears and click Confirm.

snapshotsui 6

If the operation is successful, you will see a notification.