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Control Center On-Premise

Control Center on-premise provides most of the benefits of Control Center SaaS in your own environment.

With Control Center on-premise running in your closed network you do not risk exposing your clusters internet-wide, and can provide as much or as little hardware as necessary for it to run. You also get access to configuration parameters and command-line options that can fine-tune Control Center to suit your specific needs.


Control Center on-premise licenses are similar to Control Center SaaS licenses. You buy the license for the number of nodes you run in your clusters, and can monitor these clusters for the duration.

You can also try monitoring small 1 or 2 node clusters without a license.

System Requirements

Control Center system requirements scale depending on the size of the cluster monitors, as well as the number of metrics it gathers. This section describes system requirements for a Control Center working with a small 4 or 10-node cluster, gathering most of the important metrics. When deploying Control Center to monitor production environments, requirements for storage, RAM and CPU will be higher.


Latest available version of Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. Browsers based on the latest Chromium version.


Linux (any flavor), Mac OSX (10.6 and up), Windows (XP and up), Windows Server (2008 and up). For Docker environment, we provide Linux docker containers.


Oracle JDK 8 or 11, Open JDK 8 or 11, IBM JDK 8 or 11.


Required storage space strongly corresponds to the size of the cluster and the number of metrics, traces, and compute tasks. Here are some examples:

  • 10 GB for a 4-node cluster.

  • 20 GB for a 10-node cluster.

The examples above assume default configurations for Control Center with 1 week TTL on gathered metrics and storage left for traces and compute tasks data.


8 GB minimum, 16 GB is recommended.


4 cores minimum, 8 cores recommended.


x86-64 platform.