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Hardware Recommendations

GridGain Control Center continuously monitors your cluster activity, which makes it process and store large volumes of data. The hardware that hosts Control Center must be commensurate with the data processing and storing needs, which are defined by the number of nodes in your cluster, the number of caches, the enabled dashboards and widgets, etc. The more parameters and processes you monitor, the more resources are required.

One of the main requirements for robust, performant Control Center operation is the stable and fast disk. Insufficient disk throughput may gravely degrade Control Center performance, resulting in:

  • Loss of the monitored data - metrics, queries, computes, traces, etc.

  • Unresponsiveness of the UI when attempting to perform cluster actions, as well as view metrics, queries, etc.

  • Instability of Control Center itself, with potential loss of connection to the cluster

In on-prem deployments, we recommend using SSD/NVMe drives.

In cloud-based Control Center deployments, avoid using slow disks or credit-based disks like AWS EFS, where performance can degrade when you exhaust your burst credits. We suggest that you use SSD disks with predictable and guaranteed base performance.

We recommend the following options: