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GridGain for .NET/C#

This chapter explains how to use .NET Core to build and run a simple Hello World example in .NET that starts a node, puts a value into the node and then gets the value.


GridGain.NET was officially tested on:


Oracle JDK 8 and later, Open JDK 8 and later, IBM JDK 8 and later

.NET Framework

.NET 4.0+, .NET Core 2.0+

Running a Simple .NET Example

  1. Install .NET Core SDK (version 2+):

  2. Use the CLI (unix shell, Windows CMD or PowerShell, etc.) to run the following two commands:

    > dotnet new console

    This creates an empty project, which includes a project file with metadata and a .cs file with code.


    > dotnet add package GridGain.Ignite

    This modifies the project file - .csproj - to add dependencies.

  3. Open Program.cs in any text editor and replace the contents with the following:

    using System;
    using Apache.Ignite.Core;
    namespace ggqsg
        class Program
            static void Main(string[] args)
              var ignite = Ignition.Start();
              var cache = ignite.GetOrCreateCache<int, string>("my-cache");
              cache.Put(1, "Hello, World");
  4. Save and then run the program:

    > dotnet run

And that’s it! You should see a node launch and then display "Hello, World".

Next Steps

From here, you may want to: