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Management and Monitoring

GridGain Cloud is integrated with GridGain Web Console which provides management and monitoring, as well as SQL query execution capabilities for GridGain and Apache Ignite clusters.


Clusters running on GridGain Cloud can be monitored and managed using the Monitoring functionality of GridGain Web Console. Click on the Monitoring menu and select Dashboard.

GridGain Cloud Monitoring

Here you can view various heap, CPU, and other useful node and cache metrics, start and stop caches and nodes, take thread dumps from remote nodes, and perform other useful management and monitoring tasks.

SQL Notebooks

For clusters running on GridGain Cloud, GridGain Web Console provides a convenient way to run SQL queries and view the execution plan, schema, and streaming charts.

Navigate to the SQL notebook screen and create a new query notebook or select an existing one:

GridGain Cloud SQL Notebooks

and start executing standard SQL queries on your data stored in the cloud.

GridGain Cloud SQL

Running Queries

You can view a list of all the queries currently executing on clusters running on GridGain cloud, as well as query history showing various metrics. Click on the Running Queries tab on the queries page.

GridGain Cloud Running Queries

For more information, see Queries History and Monitoring.

Resizing Cluster

You can add or remove nodes in a running cluster only.

To resize your cluster, select the Resize option from the Actions drop-down menu.

GridGain Cloud Resizing

Enter the desired number of nodes in the dialog window that appears.

GridGain Cloud Resizing Settings

Cluster Termination

To terminate a cluster, select the Terminate option from the Actions drop-down menu:

GridGain Cloud Termination