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Data Snapshots and Recovery

GridGain Ultimate Edition provides snapshots and recovery capabilities for the deployments with Ignite native persistence. You can create, schedule, and manage snapshots and then recover to any point in time on any cluster topology using a combination of full and incremental snapshots as well as continuous archives. ​

GridGain Snapshots

You can create snapshots of data stored in a GridGain cluster which can be used later to recover a cluster. Snapshots taken from one GridGain cluster can also be applied on to another GridGain cluster. Essentially, GridGain snapshots are similar to RDBMS backups.

The snapshots and recovery component is comprised of the following:

  • Full and Incremental Snapshots

  • Continuous Archiving for Point-in-Time Recovery

  • Network Backups

  • Heterogeneous Recovery

  • Snapshots Management Tool

  • Snapshots Management UI