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JUG Meetup Moscow

On Thursday, July 12, the Moscow office of KROK will host a regular meeting of the Moscow community of Java developers. This time attendees will hear about the Machine Learning, Meetup guest, Alexey Zinoviev, is the author of trainings and reports on Apache Spark and Apache Ignite, сontributor inot Ignite ML (SVM, KNN, Logistic Regression, Prerpocessing and etc.).

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BigData + ML for Java developer - from A to Z

  • How to choose features
  • How to recode features
  • How to crawl
  • How to clean and fill in the gaps
  • How to evaluate the quality of the classification
  • What to do if one tree is small
  • Be able to do cross-validation

And all this on Spark + Scala in the first part and Ignite + Java in the second!