GridGain™ 4.3.1e
Enterprise "Big Data" Edition

Class GridThreadFactory

  extended by org.gridgain.grid.thread.GridThreadFactory
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class GridThreadFactory
extends Object
implements ThreadFactory

This class provides implementation of ThreadFactory factory for creating grid threads.


Constructor Summary
GridThreadFactory(String gridName)
          Constructs new thread factory for given grid.
Method Summary
 Thread newThread(Runnable r)
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Constructor Detail


public GridThreadFactory(String gridName)
Constructs new thread factory for given grid. All threads will belong to the same default thread group.

gridName - Grid name.
Method Detail


public Thread newThread(Runnable r)

Specified by:
newThread in interface ThreadFactory

GridGain™ 4.3.1e
Enterprise "Big Data" Edition

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