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GridGain’s documentation center is a central location for technical documentation for all GridGain products including core and accelerator products, management & monitoring, installation and getting started manuals.

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Maven Integration


   <id>GridGain External Repository</id>

Note the <type>pom</type> directive, which is mandatory.

Make sure to change gridgain-platform-ent to one of the following to optimize number of dependencies:

  • gridgain-hpc-ent
  • gridgain-datagrid-ent
  • gridgain-streaming-ent
  • gridgain-hadoop1-ent
  • gridgain-hadoop2-ent

You can also import individual modules a la carte. GridGain has only 1 mandatory dependency on ‘gridgain-core’ module.

For full list of all available Maven modules, refer to Maven Setup in documentation.


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GridGain Visor

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In-Memory Computing: Myths & Facts

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In-Memory Computing: Myths & Facts

In-Memory Computing: Facts and Myths