Einstein got it right when he said imagination is more important than knowledge. At GridGain, we’ve reimagined ultimate performance as In-Memory Computing so that you can reimagine your company for today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

You can’t solve new problems with old technology.

Traditional computing has finally outpaced itself — businesses are now ingesting infinitely more information than they can possibly make sense of. Such unfocused access to unlimited data doesn’t make us all-knowing — it overwhelms us. At GridGain we want you to be competitive, not overwhelmed, so we’re putting the world’s most comprehensive, tested In-Memory Computing suite at your fingertips, giving you a new level of analytical power that’s limited only by your imagination.

Started in 2007

When co-founders Nikita Ivanov and Dmitriy Setrakyan released the first version in 2007, they based it on a shared passion for high performance computing. Inspired by breakthroughs in distributed computing in academia, the two built GridGain technology in order to make next generation performance available to everyone. Not satisfied to merely bolt trimmings onto existing architectures, Ivanov and Setrakyan spent years building from the ground up an end-to-end stack that delivers all the high performance benefits of In-Memory Computing in a simple, intuitive package.

GridGain understands that In-Memory Computing is more than the latest tech trend. It’s the next major shift for an increasingly hyper business world in which organizations face problems that traditional technology can’t even fathom, much less solve. In-Memory Computing is a step all organizations must take to remain competitive, and we’re ready to take that step with you.

You’ll never need to analyze less data. The speed of business will never be slower. Your business challenges will never be simpler. Now is the time for In-Memory Computing – and only GridGain products give you a complete solution without a single compromise.